Dating a recovering sex addict france dating girls

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Dating a recovering sex addict

I said all sorts of things because it never occurred to me anyone else would read them.

I remember telling my dad that I really loved my husband and wanted it to work.

Although she’s never touched drugs or alcohol, she has an addiction all the same—sex addiction.

Although not an official psychiatric diagnosis, Jennifer’s sex addiction has caused her tremendous pain and suffering over the years.

Then I started attending Sex Addicts Anonymous, worked the steps, and tried to get sober.

The meetings are always predominantly male, but we have started a female-only meeting because there are just some things you can only talk about in front of women.

Working the 12 steps is really what got me sober and has helped me stay sober to this day.

Getting help Just being able to say “Im a sex addict” was such a powerful beginning.

Naming it was scary and upsetting, but at least I finally knew what to do.

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It may take some time to move away from feelings of danger, disconnection and shame, but it is worth the patience and perseverance.