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Here she offers us a critical and evaluative account of her view of personhood and how it impacts her understanding of optimal functioning and the process of psychotherapy. But a few months ago she took a fatal overdose that left her friends, colleagues and family reeling with shock. What can you learn about yourself amidst this stressful time?

How can you grow as a person despite what life is throwing at you?

Jamie is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Cape Town. And where this is the case a similar process is usually happening for our partner – the pain that he or she is experiencing is the activation of an old wound, a long-ago experience that happened to another person, to the children that we once were.In this insightful piece she offers a practical 3 step guide to thinking like a psychologist for parents who are wondering if their child might benefit from seeing a therapist.Read more here or contact Joalida through her professional profile on za.Clinical Psychologist and consultant Mari Beukes explores the difference between empathy and sympathy.She clears up the confusion between these two and explores their different effects in human relationships.

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Susan Groves is a Social Worker in private practice in Plumstead, Cape Town.