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Although PREA was signed into law in September 2003, almost nine years later the U. Attorney’s Office still has not promulgated PREA standards for prisons, jails and juvenile facilities. While those percentages may seem low, they reflect an estimated 57,000 incidents of sexual victimization by staff members in just one year.

Further, the proposed standards being considered by the U. Attorney have been considerably watered down to make them more palatable to corrections officials and more cost effective – as if a price tag can be placed on the prevention of prisoners being raped and sexually assaulted. Most of those incidents (an estimated 36,800) were described as “unwilling”; e.g., unwanted sexual contact involving prison and jail employees.

Prisoners told investigators that Smith had given a female prisoner photos of her children in exchange for sex, and had provided other prisoners with a cell phone and cigarettes.

In this latest round-up of news reports from 35 states, we examine incidents involving prison and jail staff and other corrections employees who were indicted, arrested, convicted or sentenced for raping or sexually abusing prisoners over a 12-month period, from March 2011 to March 2012.

Craft was charged with sodomy for allegedly engaging in sexual activity in an employee bathroom during the night shift.

“The inmate said he did feel at one time pressure to do that, and also probably in exchange for some favoritism,” said Sheriff Hoss Mack. Arkansas In July 2011, Billy Joe Smith, 48, a guard at the Union County jail, was charged with three counts of sexual assault and three counts of furnishing prohibited articles to a prisoner.

Thus, according to the survey data, prisoners housed in both prisons and jails reported they were more likely to be sexually victimized by corrections employees than by other offenders. Rates of sexual abuse reported at juvenile facilities are even higher, with an estimated 10.3% of juvenile prisoners reporting staff sexual misconduct in 2008-2009, according to a separate Bureau of Justice Statistics report. Are some prison and jail employees wrongly accused of rape or sexual abuse?

Of course – just as some defendants who are not employed in corrections are wrongly accused of sex offenses.

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