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Speed dating film soundtrack

There are certainly a few heartbreaking moments, and the film does take an unexpected dark turn in the final act, but overall, is a dark comedy. The overall premise is too silly to be taken seriously no matter how straight-laced and (intentionally) dry the actors played their parts.

In The Lobster we follow David (Colin Farrell) – a somewhat introverted middle-aged architect who’s just been dumped by his lady.

No matter how many similarities there are to his previous work, he’s still trying his hand at a completely new genre (science fiction) and exploring new ways to tell a story (this is his first film to use both voice-over narration and a traditional film score).

After a failed relationship attempt with a cold-hearted women, David eventually finds compatibility in the form of a nameless woman (Rachel Weisz) living with a society of outcasts off in the woods.This is a problem because he exists in a dystopian society/unintentional reworking of Logan’s Run where humans are required to be in romantic relationships.Being single is not only frowned upon, but if you haven’t found a mate within a certain time frame you’re turned in to an animal (of your choice) by the nameless Orwellian government that controls everything."Tully" is set on a Nebraska dairy farm, one without a woman but where thoughts about women are often in the minds of the men. (Bob Burrus) still loves the wife who walked away from the family years ago. (Anson Mount) is a ladies' man, dating a local stripper named April (Catherine Kellner).His younger brother, Earl (Glenn Fitzgerald), is quieter and more open, with a soft spot for Ella Smalley (Julianne Nicholson), who is home for the summer from studying to be a veterinarian.

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Several composers have composed the score of the different comedy shorts within the film.